Olive Branch Senior Assisted Living - Perry, MI

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We're staffed 24/7

Watching your loved one's life come to an end can be hard for your entire family. We can help ease that burden with our hospice services. When your loved one enters our hospice, our staff will do everything possible to keep them comfortable.

Visit as often as you'd like

We encourage our clients' families and friends to visit them as often as possible, so you can spend time with your loved one whenever you can. You can also stay overnight with them as their time nears. You'll have 24-hour access to our facility at 521 E First St. in Perry.

Quality care and experience

Since 1996, our nurses, aides, and other staff members have been making sure our clients live out their lives as comfortably as possible in a home-like setting. This is your loved one's home, and as such, we want to make sure they have everything they need to be at peace.

We care for you too

The loss of a family member can be devastating, and our staff is ready to help you through that difficult time. We have social workers available to guide you and your family members through any paperwork needed, and members of the clergy are available to provide spiritual guidance.

Hospice care services

Keep your loved one comfortable

We're staffed 24/7 elderly